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Dialogue and consultation

During the course of the project, we will conduct dialogue and carry out consultations in the areas where we plan to restore watercourses. Landowners and other stakeholders will possibly be affected av these project measures. Views and consents are thus decisive in the consultation process.

Do you want to inform us about something or have other questions? Feel free to contact us:

Öreälven with tributaries

The Öre River

Oskar Ostlin

010-225 42 30

Vargån & Tällvattsbäcken

Joakim Nilsson

010-225 43 76

Moälven and Hemlingsån with tributaries

Mark Jamieson

0611-34 91 99

Fredrik Schaerström

072-230 67 24

Ammerån, Rörströmsälven and Åreälven with tributaries

Anna Rost

010-225 32 20

Halvard Didriksson

010-225 32 69

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